We've Developed the Coolingmist RACE valve Aux fuel Injection system for enthusiasts looking to support higher horsepower on ethanol blends without the much Higher expense or complexity of installing direct port injection or upgraded HPFP's.

Often the limiting factor on E blends is the high fuel pressure pump volume. With higher boost targets and E85 fuel mixtures, the high-pressure pump is not able to keep up with demand resulting in fuel pressure drops that trigger engine misfires, stuttering, and limit your overall performance.

Installation is a simple, tee into the Low pressure fuel line going to the HPFP Example LPFP fuel line Tee This feed now connects to the Race valves which in turn feeds the nozzles to each cylinder.

Each RACE valve can supply up to 883cc of supplementary fuel (@100psi) via the two nozzles (441cc per cylinder), each race valve can run on fuel pressure all the way up to 220psi, Self-contained and self-controlled system.

We recommend using the Frostbyte 3D controller to control the valves to give fully progressive fuel flow, the frostbyte can also be used to turn on and control an Auxiliary fuel pump such as a Walbro Helcat 525lph pump.

Universal kit so can go onto any vehicle

Custom tuning is recommended to adjust the "fuel scaler" to account for the additional fuel being injected into the engine.


Kit includes:

  • ·         RACE valves
  • ·         Nozzles + Holders
  • ·         Nylon hose + connectors
  • ·         Electrical connections


  • ·         Controllers
  • ·         Nozzle sizes
  • ·         Number of valves required

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Coolingmist RACE valve Aux fuel Injection system

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